absinthRecords 013 Disco prova

Burkhard Beins

Burkhard Beins, sound manipulation.

  1. EQ-20 (02.15); analogue synthesizer-generated sounds from an old and scratched Italian hifi test records + additional elements
  2. Igniter (03.37); derived from a few clicks of a cheap electric gas igniter
  3. Schaltkreis (03.01); based on field recordings by John Bisset and BB
  4. Reel (05.56); combines sounds from record used in EQ-20 with recordings of BB's current percussion material
  5. Slope (05.28); manipulated version of a live solo piece for cymbal and floortom
  6. Sekante (11.46); two microphones in large polystyrene box amplifying oscillations and friction sounds on 12 metre string attached to it
  7. For Ian Curtis (03.21); brief snippets of Joy Division songs stretched and layered
Tracks 1, 2 composed, edited in Rome, July - December 2005, tracks 3, 4 in Rome in January-March 2006; other tracks in Berlin: 5 in April-June 2005, 6 in July 2006, and 7 in January-February 2005.

Cover photograph (reproduced above) by Michael Moser; photo processing and cover design by Marcus Liebig,

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