Acta 3 Embers live


Jim Denley, flute, piccolo, alto sax, voice; John Butcher, tenor and soprano saxophones; Chris Burn, piano and percussion; Marcio Mattos, cello, Dod digital sampler.

Quarrying at the Bim (19.56), Nite bites (07.41), Breakfast with Vincent (17.25), Tenderfoot's Haruspicy (10.32).

Quarrying at the Bim and Breakfast with Vincent recorded at the Bimhuis Amsterdam, 17 November 1988; Nite bites recorded at Bunker Rotterdam, 19 November 1988 and at Cafe Wilhelmena Eindhoven, 21 November 1988; Tenderfoot's Haruspicy recorded at Midland Arts Centre Birmingham 25 October 1988.

All compositions by Denley, Butcher, Burn, Mattos.

Cover photograph (reproduced above) from a pottery glaze by M. Mattos.

Available as cassette only.

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