Alice Musik Production ALCD 012 I fear this war

Johan Petri

Johan Petri, soprano and alto saxphones, guitar; Kjell Nordeson, percussion; Sophie Eklöf, voice; Malin Ek, voice; Sten Sandell, piano, organ, synthesizer; Anna Gustavsson, percussion; Ivo Nilsson, trombone; Niklas Billström, double bass, prepared piano; Tommy Adolfsson, trumpet, shell; Torbjörn Svedberg, accordion; Peter Bothén, clarinet, bass clarinet; Paul Pignon, bass clarinet; Hans Isgren, alto clarinet; Elsbeth Berg, viola.

  1. No matter (01.00)
  2. Once on earth (03.10)
  3. Var du är spelar ingen roll (01.27)
  4. Stuff that once was rock (02.51)
  5. In ändå min vän kom tillbaka (01.34)
  6. Parts nicely opposed (09.20)
  7. If only (01.10)
  8. Nemesis (04.56)
  9. Jag fruktar (01.04)
  10. I fear this war (01.20)
  11. Van Gogh could see (06.06)
  12. Lake Superior (00.53)
  13. I varje del (01.12)
  14. We are what the seas have made us (05.01)
  15. Remove the leaves (03.32)
  16. Vi är vad haven gjorde oss till (00.29)
  17. The riddle (05.38)
  18. Very veery (01.40)
  19. You ah you (05.46)
'Recorded at various places, at different times in the beginning of the nineties.'

Cover design (reproduced above) by Cecilia Billström.

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