Al Maslakh Recordings MSLKH CD 06 Cedarhead

Michael Zerang

Michael Zerang, drums, darbuka, percussion; Sharif Sehnaoui, electric guitar; Mazen Kerbaj, trumpet; Raed Yassin, tapes, electronics; Christine Sehnaoui, alto saxophone; Charbel Haber, electric guitar; Jassem, Hindi, electronics; Bechir Saadé, nay.

  1. SS (06.39)
  2. MK (11.24)
  3. RY (15.03)
  4. CS (06.35)
  5. CH (04.31)
  6. JH (11.33)
  7. BS (05.09)
Recorded 3-14 April 2006 at the grand music room of the Bustros Palace, Beirut.

Front cover artwork and design (reproduced above) by Mazen Kerbaj.

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