Amirani Records AMRN011 Crumble


Andrea Serrapiglio, voice, laptop, electric cello, contact mic, loopabow, miniature mouth harmonica; Andrea "ics" Ferraris, guitars, pedals, jack, kaoss pad, phototheremin, screwdriver; Luca Serrapiglio, saxophones, wind controller, laptop, contact mic; Alessandro Buzzi, (track 6) hands, sticks, brush,object played on a prepared marble table.

  1. In a foreign land (03.35)
  2. The jaw... (03.20)
  3. Standing by the shell sea mit giacinto (15.00)
  4. "Silence makes a dangerous sound" (03.49)
  5. An unsafe ground to walk upon (17.37)
  6. The heart is flat and at the edges you fall all of a sudden (03.58)
  7. Standing by the shell sea mit giacinto - reprise (02.44)
Recorded 2006/2007 at Casa del Nocino, Valmadonna, Alessandria, Italy.

Front cover artwork (reproduced above) by 108, Baeldesign.

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