Amirani Records AMRN050 Lucca and Bologna concerts

Szilárd Mezei/Nicola Guazzaloca

Szilárd Mezei, viola; Nicola Guazzaloca, piano, objects.

  1. First improvisation in Lucca (07.54)
  2. Second improvisation in Lucca (04.33)
  3. Third improvisation in Lucca (07.54)
  4. Fourth improvisation in Lucca (10.26)
  5. First improvisation in Bologna (06.21)
  6. Second improvisation in Bologna (10.05)
  7. Third improvisation in Bologna (08.11)
  8. Fourth improvisation in Bologna (07.03)
Tracks 1-4 recorded 2 August 2015 live at Oratorio degli Angeli, Lucca, Italy during the Counterpoint International Festival; tracks 5-8 recorded 1 April 2016 live at Centro Di Ricerca Musicale Teatro San Leonardo, Bologna, Italy during Angelica Festival Internationale Di Musica.

Cover drawing (front cover reproduced above) by Zoltán Bicskei; graphics by Nicola Guazzaloca.

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