Anechoic a002 With hidden noise

Keith Rowe/Kim Cascone

Keith Rowe, guitar; Kim Cascone, processing.
  1. (19.38)
No information is provided on the (square) disc. The Forced Exposure website included the following:

"Cascone strips away all the linear time information on a 20 minute segment of Keith Rowe's solo performance at the B-Movie and processes it with the Max/MSP patch he developed for Residualism. The result is a warm, chaotic fog of processed guitar work punctuated with ornamental glints of digital transformations. With Hidden Noise is a homage to AMM's Live at the Crypt and It had been an ordinary enough day in Pueblo, Colorado releases. The title is also a nod to Marcel Duchamp's sculpture of the same name that consists of a ball of twine wedged between two plates of steel that contains an unknown object that makes noise when the sculpture is shaken."

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