Another timbre at36 Wunderkammern

Rhodri Davies/Lee Patterson/David Toop

Rhodri Davies, harp, ebows, electronics, preparations; Lee Patterson, amplified devices, field recordings, etc.; David Toop, laptop, steel guitar, futes, percussive devices.

  1. A salamander lives in the fire, which imparts to it a most glorious hue (10.51)
  2. From the ashes springs a seven-pointed flower (18.04)
  3. The toad with colours rare through every side was pierc'd (19.41)
  4. In the dead body of a calf are generated bees (09.44)
  5. Whose falling drops from high did strain the soyl with ruddy hue (09.44)
  6. In ashes lies the salt of glory (09.44)
Recorded on 24 July 2006 at Dave Hunt Studios, London.

Drawings and design (front cover reproduced above) by Tom Recchion.

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