Arc CD010 Trevor Watts & The Celebration Band

Trevor Watts & The Celebration Band

Trevor Watts, alto and soprano saxophone, dkarabouka, moroccan tabla, cabassa, piano, keyboards, composer, arranger; Rob Leake, tenor and soprano saxophones; Amy Metcalf, tenor saxophone; Marcus Cummins, alto and soprano saxophones; Geoff Sapsford, guitar; Jamie Harris, djembe, djarabouka, indonesian drum; Roger Carey, bass guitar; Giampaolo Scatozza, drums.
  1. 8 in 7 (13.17)
  2. Alone with you (07.05)
  3. Tar (ta) (06.53)
  4. Spring sunrise (10.43)
  5. In the street (03.45)
  6. Out of the street (09.33)
Recorded at ARC Studios, Hastings in April 2001.

Front cover design (reproduced above) by Anna Watts.

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