Arrival Records Via Airmail Series VAM 3 The unauthorized biography of Richard Monsour

Dr Eugene Chadbourne/Ron de Jong/Darren Williams

Dr Eugene Chadbourne, electric guitar; Darren Williams, tenor saxophone; Ron de Jong, drums, cymbals, percussion.

  1. Medley: The pistol wobbled in his hand*/Night rider/And unnumbered beasts swam in the sea*/Surf rider/So many minor electrocutions* (32.35)
  2. Medley: Commanche/These boots are made for walkin'/America grows rich on the threat of death* (15.37)
*Titles from the poetry of Kenneth Rexroth, 1978.

Recorded at EMMedia Arts Centre, Calgary, Alberta on 6 December 2003.

Release limited to 225 copies.

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