Arrival Records Via Airmail Series VAM 5 Traces

Derek Bailey/Vertrek Ensemble

Derek Bailey, electric guitar; Vadim Budman, electric guitar, cornet; Ron de Jong, drums, cymbals, percussion.

  1. Monsters of elegy [DB/VB] (10.46)
  2. The weaving and the crinkling and the vex [DB/RdJ] (08.37)
  3. A thousand begettings of the broken bold [VB/RdJ] (07.32)
  4. Only the thought of those dark three [DB/VB/RdJ] (07.43)
  5. The improvisations of the cuckoos in a clock shop [RdJ] (11.54)
All titles from the poetry of Wallace Stevens.

Recorded at Moat Studios, London on 12 May 1998.

Release limited to 225 copies.

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