Arrival Records Via Airmail Series VAM 6 Poles and the pale singing wires

Ron de Jong/Thom Golub

Ron de Jong, drums, cymbals, percussion; Thom Golub, string bass.

  1. Of a maple leaf floating (08.33)
  2. Actual, the operation (05.02)
  3. The heavens and hells of man (09.26)
  4. In the long day in the hour of small shadow (09.04)
  5. Of infinite, ordered potential (07.40)
  6. Development of two vast crosses (02.08)
  7. The motion of the water surface (03.39)
  8. Behind the community (02.47)
  9. Corruptions of the will (03.23)
Titles from the poetry of Kenneth Rexroth, 1978.

Recorded at Studio Melba, Edmonton, Alberta on 16 May 2004.

Release limited to 100 copies.

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