artesuono art 120 Heaven sent

Mauro Ottolini feat. Frank Lacy

Mauro Ottolini, trombone; Ku-Umba Frank Lacy, trumpet, voice; Daniele D'Agaro, tenor saxophone, clarinet; Franz Bazzani, piano, Fender Rhodes; Stefano Senni, double bass; Zeno de Rossi, drums.
  1. Weird nightmare (05.59)
  2. How come you do me like you do (05.48)
  3. Ultramarine #21 (06.24)
  4. Heaven sent (04.57)
  5. The minor thing (03.39)
  6. Just closer to heaven (03.58)
  7. No net (05.54)
Front cover photograph (reproduced above) by Roberto Cifarelli.
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