ALP262CD The complete machine gun sessions

Peter Brötzmann Octet

Peter Brötzmann, tenor and baritone saxophones; Willem Breuker, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet; Evan Parker, tenor saxophone; Gerd Dudek, tenor saxophone (track 6 only); Fred Van Hove, piano; Peter Kowald, bass, Buschi Niebergall, bass; Han Bennink, drums; Sven-Åke Johansson, drums.

  1. Machine gun (17.19)
  2. Responsible (for Jan van de Ven) (08.20)
  3. Music for Han Bennink (11.29)
  4. Machine gun [second take] (15.01)
  5. Responsible (for Jan van de Ven) [first take] (10.08)
  6. Machine gun live (17.40)
Tracks 1-5 recorded May 1968 at Lila Eule in Bremen; track 6 recorded on 24 March 1968 live at the Frankfurt Jazz Festival.

Original design (front cover repoduced above) by Brötzmann.

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