Ayler Records aylCD-031 Live at Tampere Jazz Happening

Exploding customer

Martin Küchen, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone; Kjell Nordeson, drums; Tomas Hallonsten, trumpet; Benjamin Quigley, bass.
  1. Mr BP (D) (05.04)
  2. Child, child (03.20)
  3. Quoting Frippe: (What's the name of the bass player?) (06.57)
  4. The prophet's ad (Bowing for the man?) (03.38)
  5. The crying whip (07.00)
  6. Peace is not for us II (04.26)
  7. Gone herero (06.43)
  8. A broken glass (09.06)
  9. Too much money (04.04)
Recorded on 6 November 2004 at the Tampere Jazz Happening, Old Custom House, Finland.

Cover photograph (reproduced above) Finnish waves by Jan Ström; layout and design by Åke Bjurhamn.

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