Ayler Records aylCD-138 La scala

Théo Ceccaldi/Roberto Negro/Valentin Ceccaldi/Adrien Chennebault

Théo Ceccaldi, violin, viola; Roberto Negro, piano; Valentin Ceccaldi, cello; Adrien Chennebault, percussion.

  1. Zapoï (13.30)
  2. Enjambée (00.21)
  3. Free dots to pax, part 1 (05.24)
  4. Coucou hibou (04.46)
  5. Deuxième service (08.32)
  6. Nous n'irons pas en disco club ce soir (02.37)
  7. Free dots to pax, part 2 (06.11)
Recorded at Studio Alhambra Colbert, Rochefort-sur-Mer, France 18-20 March 2013.

Graphics (front cover reproduced above) by Jean-Pascal Retel and Stéphane Berland.

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