Ayler Records aylCD-143 Killing Spree

Killing Spree

Sylvain Daniel, tokai electric bass, fine tuned fx; Grégoire Galichet, drums; Matthieu Meatzger, saxophones, some pitch fx, white devil talkbox.

  1. Stinky flower (06.04)
  2. This song begins like a hit (08.28)
  3. Parler à un homme qui marche (03.21)
  4. The brain sucking exercise (02.35)
  5. Our endless boring loop (05.30)
  6. Ibliss (03.026)
  7. Our endless boring loop (01.49)
  8. Monde froid (01.56)
  9. Dismembered Carmen vs Emma Peel (04.15)
Recorded 21/24 July 2014 in Wingen, France.

Design (front cover reproduced above) by mreoow.

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