Bead 15 Groups in front of people 2

Evan Parker/Terry Day/Maarten van Regteren Altena/Peter Cusack/Guus Janssen/Paul Termos/Paul Lytton

Evan Parker, soprano and tenor saxophone; Terry Day, drums, percussion; Maarten van Regteren Altena, bass; Peter Cusack, guitar; Guus Janssen, piano; Paul Termos, clarinet; Paul Lytton, percussion.

  1. Utrecht (06.04); Parker/Cusack/Janssen/Day/Altena recorded 29 January 1978
  2. Delft I (03.47); Lytton/Termos recorded 30 June 1978
  3. De Kroeg (07.30); Parker/Cusack/Janssen/Day/Altena recorded Amsterdam 31 January 1978
  4. Rotterdam (06.57); Janssen/Altena/Cusack/Day recorded 4 March 1978
  5. Delft II (23.03); Lytton/Cusack/Termos/Janssen) recorded 30 June 1978
Sleeve design and the bus drawing (reproduced above) by Wim Janssen.
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