Bead 25 the Glider & the Grinder

Tony Oxley and Philipp Wachsmann collaborative project

Tony Oxley, percussion and electronics; Wolfgang Fuchs, sopranino saxophone and bass clarinet; Phil Wachsmann, violin, mouth organ and electronics; Hugh Metcalfe, guitar and oscillator.

Cymbal tickle (03.24)*, baste (03.09)*, glide (03.50)*, pulley (03.02)*, polish (05.39)*, spit and stub (03.20), shuffle (07.24), cam (03.23)*, grind (05.55), roller (02.58), large pulley (01.49)*.

* recorded at The Termite Club, The Adelphi, Leeds on 10 April 1987; others selections recorded at The Nettlefold Hall, London on 8 April 1987, not - presumably - on 8.4.97 as stated.

Design by Nancy Blake; photography by Caroline Forbes.

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