Bead 25 Ikkunan takana [Behind the window]

Quintet Moderne

Teppo Hauta-aho, Bass and cello; Jari Hongisto, Trombone and recorders; Paul Lovens, drums, cymbals, spieces, sage; Harri Sjostrom, soprano saxophone and mouth organ; Phil Wachsmann, violin and electronics.

Ita-virta [East stream] (04.58)*, Lansi-virta [West stream] (09.29)*, Hilpalle [for Hilppa] (03.10)*, Harlekiinit [Harlequins] (03.30)**, Hemulit (02.46)*, Kolmas tie [Third road] (05.31)*, Ikkunan takana [Behind the window] (13.00), Sateenkaaritanssi [Rainbow dance] (05.30)**.

* recorded Hameenlinna on 10 August 1987; ** recorded Turku on 7 August 1987; other track recorded Helsinki 9 August 1987.

Cover design and photograph (reproduced above) by Harri Sjostrom.

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