BGOCD471 Solid Gold Cadillac/Brain damage

Solid Gold Cadillac

Personel on Solid Gold Cadillac: Phil Minton, lead vocals, trumpet; George Khan, tenor saxophone, electric saxophone, flute; Malcolm Griffiths, trombone; Dick Morecombe, guitars, vocals; Mike Westbrook, electric piano, vocals; Fiachra Trench, piano, organ, vocals; Roy Babbington, bass guitar, double bass; Alan Jackson, drums, percussion, alto saxophone; Chris Spedding, electric guitar (tracks 1 and 11).

Personel on Brain damage: Brian Godding, electric guitar; Phil Minton, vocals, trumpet; George Nisar Ahmad Khan, tenor and baritone saxophones, electric saxophone, flute, piano; Malcolm Griffiths, trombone; Mike Westbrook, electric piano; Butch Potter, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, banjo, piano; Alan Jackson, drums, percussion, marimba.

    Solid Gold Cadillac
  1. Technology (04.51)
  2. Let it shine (04.41)
  3. March (01.04)
  4. There was a man (02.45)
  5. Morning song (06.43)
  6. We do it (02.30)
  7. The island (04.35)
  8. Greek music I (01.49)
  9. Greek music II (02.03)
  10. Pleasure City (05.00)
  11. Solid Gold Cadillac (04.32)
    Brain damage
  1. Overt'yer (04.12)
  2. Lady Howerd (04.37)
  3. Tacuarembo (02.33)
  4. Elephants' tales (07.01)
  5. I believe (02.59)
  6. Fortune song (01.11)
  7. The sun (05.34)
  8. Mermaid song (09.11)
  9. Anna Marie (05.14)
  10. Bilbo (00.57)
Both LPs recorded at Advision Studios, London. No recording date provided for Solid Gold Cadillac: LP was released by RCA in 1972. Brain damage was recorded in March 1973.

Cover painting on SGC by Alan Jackson; sleeve design on BD by Charles Mapleston.

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