Phono Suecia PSCD 99 Impropositions

Mats Gustafsson

Mats Gustafsson, soprano, tenor, baritone saxophones, fluteophone, alto flute, french flageolet.

  1. Viska: too hands (04.22)
  2. Any way anyway (04.58)
  3. Out of ets (03.05)
  4. Out of if (07.24)
  5. Long titles - no way! (04.06)
  6. Klabuster - M (04.38)
  7. Other brothers (03.20)
  8. Just a slice of acoustic car (02.39)
  9. In side (02.40)
  10. Bevllohallat Hhu/Ö (13.35)
  11. Wake up and tell us again! (in Chicago) (03.07)
  12. Stones and black water (05.24)
  13. Plingaling (11.38)
Recorded on 26-28 June 1996 at Radiohuset, Studio 2, Stockholm.

This is an enhanced CD for Macintosh and PC produced in an 80 page CD-sized book with photographs, colour paintings and an ISBN: 91-973237-0-5. The enhanced portion of the CD includes musical extracts from all the tracks accompanied by a mix of still photographs, animations and some semi-animations of Mats playing; it also includes a biography, information of others associated with the project and details of Mats instruments.

Graphic design (reproduced above) by Karin Almlöf Edition.

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