STIM/SAMI DVD The Zanzibar excursion


Mats Gustafsson, reeds; Per-Åke Holmlander, trombone, euphonium; Niklas Korsell, drums; David Stackenäs, guitar; Henry Moore Selder, turntables.

  1. The Zanzibar excursion (32.04)
No recording information is provided but the DVD has a 2002 date.

This is a joint production between SAMI (Swedish Artists' and Musicians' Interest Organization) and STIM (Swedish Music Information Center). The DVD was made in collaboration with film-makers Josef Doukkali and Anders Blomqvist. It appears to be primarily a promotional DVD for the group DJustable who are planning a tour in Europe in December 2003 and possibly a US tour in spring 2004.

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