Balance Point Acoustics BPA 002 The sale of tickets for money was abolished

Tony Bevan/Damon Smith/Scott R. Looney

Tony Bevan, bass saxophone; Damon Smith, double bass; Scott R. Looney, prepared piano, live electronics.
  1. Custody of an enemy (01.28)
  2. Brilliant result of 30 or 40 drawings (03.17)
  3. Debris of a mask factory (09.55)
  4. Sacred drawing of lots (05.17)
  5. An adverse drawing might mean mutilation (04.46)
  6. To accept errors is not to contradict fate (04.33)
  7. Time limit of 1 hour or 1 century (06.41)
  8. Preferred to scribble a brief argument (06.57)
  9. Quapha - fissures in a dusty aqueduct (06.24)
  10. Peaceful shadows of a room (07.16)
Recorded on 30 April 2000 in West Oakland, California.

Front cover painting (reproduced above) by Tom Schultz; layout and graphic design by Alan Anzalone.

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