Balance Point Acoustics BPA 006 The voice imitator

Frank Gratkowski/Damon Smith/Jerome Bryerton

Frank Gratkowski, alto saxophone, bass clarinet, clarinet; Damon Smith, double bass; Jerome Bryerton, percussion.
    Three character attacks:
  1. Photographers (08.24)
  2. The prince (12.01)
  3. Profound and shallow (24.44)

  4. Two instances of libel/one memory lapse:
  5. Increased (a) (10.27)
  6. Increased (b) (06.52)
  7. Imposssible (09.58)
Tracks 1-3 recorded on 10 October 2002 at 509 Cultural Center, San Francisco, California; tracks 4-6 were recorded on 9 October 2002 at 21Grand, Oakland, California.

Front cover artwork (reproduced above) Crossfire by Rebecca Morris, oil and spray paint on canvas, 26in. x 27in., 1998.

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