Balance Point Acoustics BPA 011 Sextessense: a tribute to John Stevens and the SME

Aaron Bennet/Jerome Bryerton/John Butcher/Danielle DeGruttola/Henry Kaiser/Damon Smith

Aaron Bennet, saxophone; Jerome Bryerton, drums; John Butcher, saxophone; Danielle DeGruttola, cello; Henry Kaiser, guitar; Damon Smith, double bass; Kurt Newman, guitar (track 9).
  1. So what do you think about John Stevens? (12.00)
  2. Deep six for the SME (07.59)
  3. Beckett (Sam) (07.41)
  4. Immeadiate pasts (10.41)
  5. Click piece + Sustain = (07.33)
  6. Has duration (10.23)
  7. Implies its opposite (05.40)
  8. Six & one (06.46)
  9. Septessence (11.10)
Recorded at Bay Records Studio, 1999.

Front cover artwork (reproduced above) Underneath (sculptures) by Laura Splan.

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