Balance Point Acoustics bpa015 From-to-from

Alvin Fielder/David Dove/Jason Jackson/Damon Smith

Alvin Fielder, drums, percussion; David Dove, trombone; Jason Jackson, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones; Damon Smith, double bass.
  1. Ut. Dict. (10.08)
  2. From-to-from (20.38)
  3. Which way is out? (12.45)
  4. B,B,B's x 6/8 (08.46)
  5. Goodtime FFA (03.06)
  6. Q. D. (06.43)
Recorded on 28 February 2013 at (h)Humid Recorder.

Front cover art (reproduced above) by Randy Twaddle.

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