Balance Point Acoustics BPA-5 A place meant for birds

Desert Sweets

Biggi Vinkeloe, alto saxophone, flute; Mark Weaver, tuba, didgeridoo; Damon Smith, double bass; Lisa Gill, poem (track 6 only).
  1. Vision is a long tumble (07.33)
  2. White bed (04.12)
  3. Not salt (07.49)
  4. Silt (15.17)
  5. Embedded in rock (10.10)
  6. The wind has taken my breath (04.02)
  7. To spill a few birds (04.30)
Recorded on 14 March 2013 at the Outpost, Alburquerque, New Mexico.

Front cover painting (reproduced above) Cowboy angel II 2009 by Delmas Howe; graphic design by Alan Anzalone.

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