Balance Point Acoustics BPALTD-303 Zen kaiju

Kiku Day/Henry Kaiser

Kiku Day, ji-nashi shakuhachi; Henry Kaiser, electric and acoustic guitars.

  1. Gojira examines a monk in meditation (07.38)
  2. Anguirus pacifies the mind (02.42)
  3. Fairy Mothra's preaching sign (05.59)
  4. Gyaos washes the bowl (05.35)
  5. Dagora calls his own master (04.00)
  6. Varan's wheel (05.10)
  7. Gamera's dog (05.06)
  8. This mind is not Pigmon (06.05)
  9. Ultraman investigates (06.23)
  10. Jiger twirls a flower (05.59)
  11. A philosopher asks King Ghidorah (06.53)
  12. Tipping over the oxygen destroyer (04.15)
Recorded in 2006 at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley.

Disc also includes an 11-minute QuickTime movie of KD and HK.

Art direction (front cover reproduced above) by David Greenberger.

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