BRÖ 4 Still quite popular after all those years

Peter Brötzmann/Han Bennink

Peter Brötzmann, tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, tarogata, a-clarinet; Han Bennink, drums, voice.

    Side I
  1. Clarinet/drums (05.35)
  2. Tarogato/drums (06.18)
  3. Clarinet/drums (04.23)
    Side II
  1. Clarinet/drums (05.35)
  2. Alto/drums (08.18)
  3. Tenor/drums (05.52)
Recorded 4/5 February 2004 at LOFT, Köln.

Design (part of front cover reproduced above) by Bennink/Brötzm.

Released January 2005; this is available only on LP.

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