Bruce's Fingers BF 24 9 points in ascent

Graham Halliwell/Simon H. Fell

Graham Halliwell, alto saxophone; Simon H. Fell, double bass.

  1. In the presence of the heavy point (05.44)
  2. Free curve to the point (07.26)
  3. Free wave-like line with accent (07.22)
  4. Simple and unified complex of several free lines (02.29)
  5. Wave-like line accompanied by geometric lines (05.32)
  6. Colour attained through a minimum of colour (04.12)
  7. 9 points in ascent (06.56)
  8. Dissolution in progress (05.12)
  9. Cool tension toward the centre (06.55)
Recorded at the University of East Anglia, Norwich on 11 July 1997.

Cover design (reproduced above) by Kev Hopper.

Available on CD only.

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