CIMP 114 The balance of trade

Paul Lytton Quartet

Paul Lytton, percussion, live electronics; Philipp Wachsmann, violin, viola, live electronics; Herb Robertson, cornet, pocket trumpet; valve trombone, Eb tuba, etc; Dominic Duval, bass; live electronics.

  1. Frames of mind (02.45)
  2. Diagonals (19.34)
  3. Frogger's lament (06.13)
  4. Gong (07.56)
  5. Ella's dance (01.45)
  6. Flitters (10.27)
  7. Panade (02.25)
  8. Bach goes to Redwood (06.23)
  9. For breakfast I eat... (09.15)

Recorded on 15/16 May 1996 at The Spirit Room, Rossie, NY.

Cover art (reproduced above) Susan's dilemma by Kara D. Rusch.

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