CIMP 173 CIMPhonia 1998 part 1

Joe McPhee/Mark Whitecage/Paul Smoker/David Prentice/Dominic Duval/Peter Kowald/Jay Rosen

Joe McPhee, soprano and tenor saxophones, trumpet; Mark Whitecage, alto and soprano saxophones, alto clarinet; Paul Smoker, trumpet; David Prentice, violin; Dominic Duval, Hutchins bass, bass, thumb piano, osie drum; Peter Kowald, bass; Jay Rosen, drums.

  1. Estrus (12.32)
  2. Good clean fun (04.44)
  3. Sterono (05.27)
  4. Looking for space (15.07)
  5. Making space (07.12)
  6. Hello alto (08.14)
  7. Bo peep (06.54)
  8. With no song (06.00)
Recorded on 26 and 27 May 1998 at The Spirit Room, Rossie, NY.

Cover art (reproduced above) Stamp I by Kara D. Rusch.

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