Cipsela Records CIP 005 Flowers

Joe McPhee

Joe McPhee, alto saxophone.

  1. Eight Street and Avenue C For Alton Pickens (14.06)
  2. Old eyes For Ornette Coleman (07.41)
  3. Knox For Niklaus Troxler (06.33)
  4. Flowers For John Tchicai (04.51)
  5. The whistler For Mark Whitecage (10.50)
  6. Third circle For Anthony Braxton (08.23)
  7. The night bird's call For Julius Hemphill (02.24)
Recorded live at Museu Nacional Machado de Castro, Coimbra on 4 June 2009.

Cover art (front cover reproduced above) by KSá.

Released as limited edition of 300CDs.

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