Clean Feed CF397CD Seven pieces: live at Willisau 1995

Evan Parker/Daunik Lazro/Joe McPhee

Evan Parker, tenor and soprano saxophone; Daunik Lazro, alto and baritone saxophone; Joe McPhee, soprano and alto saxphone, pocket trumpet, alto clarinet.

  1. Echoes of memory (09.02)
  2. Sweet dreams of flying [EP/DL] (05.11)
  3. Broadway limited (06.34)
  4. Florid (for G.L.) [EP solo] (08.34)
  5. Concertino in blue (05.41)
  6. Tree dancing (10.36)
  7. To rush at the wind (09.16)
Recorded on 19 May 1995 in Willisau, Switzerland.

Cover image (front cover reproduced above) by Niklaus Troxler designed for the SAX MEETING concert poster and adapted for this cover; design by Travassos.

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