Crazy Wisdom 002/159 072-2 Soul

Gul 3

Johan Arrias, alto saxophone, baritone saxophone, voice, percussionj; Leo Svensson, cello, voice, percussion; Henrik Olsson, drums, percussion, voice, electric guitar, Wurlitzer.
  1. Opener (06.57)
  2. Berlin (08.42)
  3. Soul (07.00)
  4. Joybird (07.17)
  5. I sing this song (09.05)
  6. Rainbows and speeding motorbikes (07.52)
Recorded on 14/15 February 2000 at Soundscape Studios, Stockholm; produced by Mats Gustafsson.

Cover photograph (reproduced above) by Erik Lindwall; design by Ulf Norlén.

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