Crazy Wisdom 003/013 111-2 I wonder if I was screaming

AALY Trio + Ken Vandermark

Mats Gustafsson, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone; Ken Vandermark, tenor saxophone, clarinet; Peter Janson, bass; Kjell Nordeson, drums.
  1. 3 on 2 (06.30)
  2. There is a balm in Gilead (08.12)
  3. In between films [for Bruce Conner] (10.09)
  4. Left to right [for Henry Grimes] (07.55)
  5. Sand [for Lucky Thompson] (09.10)
  6. Würzburg (10.39)
Recorded on 30/31 March 2000 at Soundtrade Studios, Stockholm.

Front cover design (reproduced above) by Conny Lindström; artwork by Åke Hodell.

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