Creative sources CS 241 On/off

Le Grand Frisson

Patricia Bosshard, violin; Laurent Bruttin, clarinet, bass clarinet; Yannick Barman, trumpet; Jean-Jacques Pedretti, trombone; Vinz Vonlanthen, guitar; Dragos Tara, double bass, electronics; Cyril Bondi, percussion; Christophe Berthet, soprano and alto saxophone.

  1. On/off (06.33)
  2. Canopée (06.34)
  3. Bateau ivre (03.27)
  4. In a séquentiel mode (06.46)
  5. Herbes folles (05.03)
  6. Gymnocarpe (03.12)
  7. Latitudes arctiques (08.26)
  8. Inéluctable (03.03)
Recorded at Théatre 2.21, 10/11 April 2012.

Photography (front cover reproduced above) by Christophe Berthet; design by Carlos Santos.

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