Creative sources CS 245 Gravities

the p-project

Peter Alexius, guitar, loops; Joe Hertenstein, drums; Joker Nies, raw electronics; Sebastian Gramss, spacebass (double bass with sympathetic strings).

  1. Early warnings (06.10)
  2. See it coming (05.52)
  3. Never ending (05.54)
  4. Sweet like trouble (05.17)
  5. Forgotten hollow part1 (05.26)
  6. Shock proof (05.21)
  7. You know I was alone with her (08.12)
  8. Is that a question (04.36)
  9. Forgotten hollow part2 (03.34)
Recorded probably Cologne, probably 2008.

Graphic design (front cover reproduced above) by Carlos Santos.

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