Creative sources CS 259 Skulking in the big house

Ariel Shibolet/Nori Jacoby/Alexander Frangenheim/Ofer Bymel

Ariel Shibolet, soprano saxophone; Nori Jacoby, viola; Alexander Frangenheim, double bass; Ofer Bymel, drums.

  1. Passersby (12.57)
  2. Even if we tried (10.19)
  3. Jaw apparatus (04.15)
  4. Salt (05.45)
  5. Skulking in the big house (05.48)
Recorded 14/15 May 2011 in Alexander's studio, Berlin.

Cover art (front cover reproduced above) Salt Crystal Fishing Net, 2011 by Sigalit Landau; graphic design by Carlos Santos.

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