Creative sources CS 262 2nd floor

Katharina Bohlen/Claudius Reimann Duo

Katharina Bohlen/Claudius Reimann Duo: instruments as per tracks.

  1. spring drums, baritone saxophone (01.53)
  2. clarinet, bass clarinet, tubular bells, sound plates, cymbals, gongs (09.09)
  3. bass clarinet, soprano saxophone (03.10)
  4. clarinet, bass clarinet (06.44)
  5. bass clarinet, bass clarinet (03.31)
  6. clarinet, baritone saxophone (07.14)
  7. bass clarinet, tenor saxophone (04.44)
Recorded on various floors and in different rooms of the music school, Bochum in February 2014.

Photographs (front cover reproduced above) by Claudius Reimann.

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