Creative sources CS 299 Opus macaronicorum

António Chaparreiro/alçada

António Chaparreiro, electric guitar; alçada, drums, recorder, harmonica, humming.

  1. Awakening in the snows of Alaska (03.36)
  2. The stress and the New Year resolution (00.58)
  3. One more tweet for the world (00.35)
  4. Hamelin calling (01.35)
  5. Laughing stock (02.18)
  6. A talk with talking drums (02.19)
  7. Walkind down the valley (03.55)
  8. Looking for clues with Philip Marlow (02.10)
  9. Terror from outer space (02.18)
  10. Hitchiking with a black monk in a black suit (lo-fi version) (02.33)
  11. I'm a lonesome cowboy (02.51)
  12. Tintin et Tonton (04.31)
  13. Night breeze in beyond taje (under an oak tree) (05.15)
Recorded December 2013 at ZoarkSt/Estúdio do Bairro.

Illustration (front cover reproduced above) by João Carneiro; graphic design by Carlos Santos.

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