DATA Images 06 (DVD) Hazentijd

Han Bennink

Han Bennink, drums, percussion, talking with interviews from Peter Brötzmann, Dave Douglas, Terry Ex, Ernst Glerum, Oscar Jan Hoogland, Ruud Jacobs, Guus Janssen, Evan Parker, Mik Thoomes.

  1. Hazentijd, a documentary on Han Bennink (70.00)
  2. Duo Mengelberg/Bennink: Improvisation, 1980 De Spieghel, Groningen (27.18)
  3. Tobias Delius Quartet: Wink no. 50, 2 February 2007 La Dynamo, Paris (10.23)
  4. ICP Orchestra with Dave Douglas: Happy go lucky local; 9 June 2007, Eric Harvie Theatre Banff, Canada (09.00)
  5. Duo Janssen/Bennink: Klein verstelwerk/A little mending, 13 December 2008, Zaal 100, Amsterdam (04.02)
  6. Benninks conducts RIO/Royal Improvisers Orchestra: 27 June 2009, Bimhuis, Amsterdam (07.00)
  7. ICP Orchestra with Peter Brötzmann: Brozziman, 21 April 2007, Bimhuis, Amsterdam (06.55)
  8. Han Bennink solo: 21 April 2007, Bimhuis, Amsterdam (03.16)

Directed by Jellie Decker; produced by Dick Lucas.

"The film depicts Bennink's artistic development, from art student and 19 year old drummer in pick-up bands of touring American jazz soloists, to the uncompromising improviser he is today. His visual work, which he creates alone, silently and surrounded by nature, is shown as a counterpoint to his cosmopolitan and often noisy musical life. Han Bennink lives in the moment, By the closing credits, we can understand why he might be called 'an Indian from the Netherlands'."

Cover artwork (reproduced above) by Piet Gerards Ontwerpers.

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