Discus 11CD Pure water construction

Martin Archer/Simon H. Fell

Martin Archer, sound processing, bells, drum machines, sopranino saxophone, organ, electronics, violin; Simon H. Fell, sampling, bass guitar, double bass; Gino Robair, percussion, deep cowbells, motors; Robin Hayward, tuba; Chris Burn, piano; Rhodri Davies, harp; Jenni Molloy, cello; Stefan Jaworzyn, electric guitar; Charlie Collins, bass clarinet.

  1. Part 0 [SF/MA/GR/RH/CB/RD/JM/SJ] (07.38)
  2. Part 1 [RH/MA/GR] (12.46)
  3. Part 2 [CB/MA] (13.31)
  4. Part 3 [RD/SF/MA/CC] (10.48)
  5. Part 4 [JM/SF/MA] (13.42)
  6. Part 5 [SJ/SF/MA/GR/RH/CB/RD/JM] (13.52)
"Pure water construction was generated by Simon H. Fell and Martin Archer. Each of the main sections is based on a solo improvisation by the first listed soundsmith, which we have reprocessed and orchestrated with additional composed and improvised material."

Cover art (reproduced above) by Duncan Marshall.

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