Discus 6CD This music is silent until you listen

Martin Archer/Simon H. Fell/Robert Godman/Simon Vincent/Katharine Norman

Martin Archer, synthesizers and electronics; Angie Rosenfeld, cello: A game of poker with M orton Feldman (1995) (12.40); recorded 12 March 1996 at Adrenaline, Sheffield.

Katharine Norman: Bells and gargoyles (1996) (14.35); a digitally created soundscape made from recordings on a stormy night in the Derbyshire village of Hathersage.

Simon H. Fell: Mutual and reciprocal ceremonies; composition No. 26; version 2 for tape (1996) (13.34).

Robert Godman: Flywheel fantasy (1995) part one (07.55), part two (05.55).

Simon Vincent: Golden Gate (09.20).

Cover art (reproduced above) by Abra Cadaver.

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