DMG ARC 0701 Headfirst into the flames: live In Europe

Last Exit

Sonny Sharrock, guitar; Peter Brötzmann, reeds; Bill Laswell, bass; Ronald Shannon Jackson, drums.

  1. Lizard eyes (05.30)
  2. Don't be a cry baby whatever you do (06.35)
  3. So small, so weak, this bloody sweat of loving (04.25)
  4. Headfirst into the flames (03.00)
  5. A knight of ghosts and shadows (06.25)
  6. Jesus! What gorgeous monkeys we are (11.01)
  7. Hanged man are always naked (10.05)
  8. No one knows anything (05.15)
  9. I must confess I'm a cannibal (10.40)

All titles are quotations out of "The Journal Of Albion Moonlight" by Kenneth Patchen

Recorded live in Stockholm and Munich, 1989

Originally released as MuWorks MUW 1013

Front cover (reproduced above) artwork by Kenneth Patchen; cover by Brötzmann

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