DUNS Limited edition DLE 053 Blown away

Paul Dunmall/Philip Gibbs/Roy Campbell/Daniel Carter/Paul Rogers/William Parker/Hamid Drake

Paul Dunmall, tenor saxophone; Philip Gibbs, guitar; Roy Campbell, trumpet, flute; Daniel Carter, alto saxophone, trumpet, flute; Paul Rogers, 7-string bass; William Parker, bass, shenai; Hamid Drake, drums.
    Disc A
  1. Martin's Reh of sunshine [PD/DC/PG/PR/HD] (10.37)
  2. Eye miles [All] (14.21)
  3. Eel miles [PS/WP/PR] (11.47)
  4. Franticle [PD/WP/HD] (11.57)
  5. Sparticle [RC/PG/WP] (09.02)
  6. Ponticle [RC/DC/PR/HD] (09.12)
    Disc B
  1. Blown away [All] (40.34)
Recorded on 16 October 2006 at The Sage, Gateshead.

Front cover painting (reproduced above) Blown away by Paul Dunmall.

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