DUNS Limited edition DLE 039 Brothers in music

Paul Dunmall/Simon Thoumire/John Edwards/Philip Gibbs

Paul Dunmall, soprano, tenor saxophones, bagpipes; John Edwards, double bass; Philip Gibbs, guitars; Simon Thoumire, concertina, bagpipes.
  1. Brothers in music (07.55)
  2. Don't lie to me (09.30)
  3. Charles Wharles (11.53)
  4. Unexpected saint (16.36)
  5. The hands are open (02.28)
  6. Flesh and bones (04.41)
  7. 499 million years ago (04.32)
Recorded on 25 August 2004 in the Victoria Rooms, Bristol.

Cover painting (reproduced above) by Paul Dunmall.

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