ECM 1612 Toward the margins

Evan Parker Electro-Acoustic Ensemble

Evan Parker, soprano saxophone, gong; Barry Guy, double bass; Paul Lytton, percussion, live electronics; Philipp Wachsmann, violin, viola, live electronics, sound processing; Walter Prati, live electronics, sound processing; Marco Vecchi, live electronics, sound processing.

  1. Toward the margins (04.31)
  2. Turbulent mirror (05.51)
  3. Field and figure (07.06)
  4. The regenerative landscape [for AMM] (03.34)
  5. Chain of chance (04.19)
  6. Trahütten (06.17)
  7. Shadow without an object: (i) Engagement (ii) Reversal (iii) Displacement (06.00)
  8. Epanados (04.27)
  9. Born cross-eyed [remembering Fuller] (02.49)
  10. Philipp's pavilion (07.32)
  11. The hundred books [for Idries Shah] (04.09)
  12. Contra-dance (03.38)

Recorded May 1996 at Gateway Studios, London.

Cover (reproduced above) by Mayo Bucher; cover design by Michael Hofstetter.

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