Emanem 4201 Proceedings

London Improvisers Orchestra

Chris Burn trumpet, piano, conductor; Matt Davis trumpet; Roland Ramanan trumpet; Ian Smith trumpet, flugelhorn; Gail Brand trombone; Alan Tomlinson trombone; Neil Metcalfe flute; Terry Day bamboo pipes; Alex Ward clarinet; Harrison Smith bass clarinet; Tom Chant soprano saxophone; Lol Coxhill soprano saxophone; John Butcher soprano & tenor saxophones; Evan Parker soprano & tenor saxophones, conductor; Caroline Kraabel alto saxophone, conductor; Adrian Northover alto saxophone; Nigel Coombes violin; Mee violin, conductor; Joe Townsend violin; Philipp Wachsmann viola, conductor; Nikos Veliotis cello; John Edwards double bass, conductor; Simon H Fell double bass, conductor; Rhodri Davies harp; John Bisset guitar; Steve Beresford piano, conductor; Ansuman Biswas percussion; Steve Noble percussion; Mark Sanders percussion; Adam Bohman objects, conductor; Kaffe Matthews sampler, violin; Dave Tucker conductor. All participants on B7 also use their voices.

    Disc A:
  1. Concerto for Alan Tomlinson (08.24); conducted by Steve Beresford
  2. Proceeding 1 (14.34); improvisation
  3. On/off (05.38); conducted by Evan Parker featuring Kaffe Mathews
  4. Monster's milk (21.40); conducted by Dave Tucker
  5. Proceeding 2 (17.54); improvisation
    Disc B:
  1. Virus (10.01); by Caroline Kraabel, conducted by her and John Edwards
  2. Ellington 100 (Strayhorn 85) (10.48); conducted by Simon H. Fell featuring Rhodri Davies, John Edwards, Steve Noble, Lol Coxhill
  3. Changing places - summer 99 (06.32); by Philipp Wachsmann, conducted b Adam Bohman, Chris Burn, Caroline Kraabel, Mee, Philipp Wachsmann
  4. Notes for Terry Day (05.56); by Caroline Kraabel, conducted by her featuring Terry Day
  5. Wstrws (07.57); by Rhodri Davies featuring Chris Burn and Matt Davis
  6. The barn (08.24); by Chris Burn, conducted by him
  7. Press summary (12.05); by Adam Bohman, conducted by him
Recorded on 23 July 1999 at Gateway Studios, London.

Front cover photograph (reproduced above) by Jonathan Bohman.

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